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IT Services & Innovation for the Oil & Gas Industry

Digital Transformation for the Oil & Gas Industry

The Oil & Gas industry relies on efficient practices to reduce costs, save resources, and perform on schedule.

RGT Based in Houston, RGT has assisted many oil & gas companies realize operational efficiencies through modernization of their digital assets. We additionally support organizations that supply the industry, such as chemical companies, pipeline, terminal services and logistics.

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Staying Connected Even While Disconnected

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Field technicians, mechanics, oil field workers and the like deal with the constant battle of capturing data on-site by outdated means. Prioritizing the transition from paper to mobile apps ensures real-time data sharing, offline capabilities, integration with ERPs or legacy systems and ease of use in the field.

Oracle JD Edwards Upgrade & Modernization

Legacy ERP systems and those not being enhanced impact profits and diminish competitive edge. Our work in modernizing JD Edwards and other ERP systems opens the door for automation, machine learning and elimination of paper-based processes.



Take Your Data From Exploration to Production

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Robotic Process Automation

RPA can play a major role in business processes in the oil & gas industry, even with legacy systems in place. RPA opens the doors to automation with minimal impact to the business during integration and relieves staff of mundane, repetitive tasks.

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