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Data, Analytics & RPA Focus Efficient Implementation Processes – QuikWIN “Automation First” strategy & Secure Open Source tools expertise

We provide intelligent automation, machine learning, analytics for improved Data collection and communication

Reliant Global Technology helps agencies and prime contractors meet complex contract requirements by providing them with a variety of highly-skilled local IT consultants with appropriate clearances. We specialize in Cloud, Data Analytics, Business Intelligence & ETL Technologies.

Reliant Global Technology’s clients rely on our intimate knowledge of Database, Data Integration, Business Intelligence, Big Data and Data Warehousing technologies and our extensive experience deploying these in complex scenarios to help them accomplish their mission with ease and efficiency. Our specialists will help accomplish the goals you’ve set for your business intelligence and analytics initiatives.

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Our Core Ideology

Our core purpose is to be a leader and example of excellence to all who value the role technology plays in business, while simultaneously enriching the lives of our valued staff and partners.

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With your knowledge, skills, and an insatiable drive to excel. See how we can help you reach your new goals and heights.

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What you’re capable of achieving is rarely captured in your resume alone. Start your journey with us.

Collaborative and growth-focused

Learn from highly-skilled colleagues through collaborative work, weekly "lab meetings", and internal knowledge shares and tools.

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Get to the Point with Intelligent Automation

Analytics solutions enable decision makers and analysts to quickly get to the point of their analysis and automate ‘next-step’ actions using intelligent automation, which is the convergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Business Intelligence (BI), Machine Learning (ML) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technologies. Following this methodology has made a huge impact on our clients by:

  • Improving the speed and quality of decision making
  • Automating required next steps and action items
  • Embedding AI, ML, and RPA into BI apps to pinpoint areas of focus
  • Aiding in rapid discovery/revealing hidden areas requiring deeper analysis
  • Automatically correlating and delivering relevant data
  • Making data science more accessible to a wider range of users and decision-makers

GSA Multiple Award Schedule

GSA Projects

We built out a custom data dashboard allowing to collect and analyze field data with ease.

The Process

The Result

Netted as much as a 90% savings on the cost of the tool development alone and saved countless hours of collecting data and managing storage.

8(a) Certification

8(a) Projects

We built out a SharePoint data mart application for allowing to create, access, and store sensitive records securely and efficiently.

The Process

The Result

Client received a cross-functional enterprise SharePoint application both on-time and on-budget.