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Client Background:

Supermarket Stores
All over USA

Project Title

Supermarket Sales Analysis

Project Objective

Project Description

Client wanted to analyse the data of Supermarket. Data was provided thorough API . Using that, we have to deliver the supermarket sales insights. Using that analysis client wanted to take major decisions and modification in their stores.

Our Solution

Data which was provided to us we performed EDA on it and then integrate it with Power BI

Why Power BI ?

Power BI is a new cloud-based Business Intelligence service from Microsoft that builds on the company’s years of experience with relational databases such as Access, SQL Server, and others. It is a business intelligence platform that enables organisations to clean and completely transform raw data into meaningful data. It thoroughly analyses data and provides insightful results.

Tools used

Databases , Power BI

Language/techniques used

Python , DAX

What are the technical Challenges Faced during Project Execution

How the Technical Challenges were Solved

Business Impact

Client now can visualize following information from dashboard:

Using this map view they can visualize the sales according to the location of their stores in every state of USA. Which will help them to focus on less sales generating stores. It will also help them to see most sales generating stores.

By Visualizing this client can see most sales and profit by category of product.

By seeing this visualization client can analyse the trend in sales over the period of time in all three segments. They can also visualize the sales and profit on basis of region of there stores. Client also have flexibility of filtering out the dashboard using Date filter and State selection filter.

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